Venancio Rosso was Susana’s father, my doctoral thesis advisor. Susana was not only my guide and unconditional supporter while I was doing my academic training, but she also became a friend, a counselor, another mom. Along the years, Susana and Toto, her life companion, they taught me values and principles beyond the academic matters, always encouraging my personal development outside the lab. I’m in debt with them for a great part of who I am now. Susana y Toto

So, during one of the many chats in their home, enjoying some of Susana’s delicacies that she usually treats her guests with, I found out about her dad’s anecdotes. I discovered my indirect genetic origin with this American continent traverse: Venancio also dreamed, for a long time, to g from Argentina to Alaska. His mode of travel was different: a Fiat 1500. The yearning, the same as mine: to cross the Americas from one end to the other.

With her wife Angela, they covered thousands of kilometers from Cordoba to California, to visit Susana and Toto, who was working at Berkeley at that time. It was 1972.

This trip generated innumerable anecdotes, which I was able to be witness of, thanks to Susana and Toto’s stories. Unfortunately, Venancio couldn’t reach Alaska and his dream was trumped…

When I found out about this, a few years back, I promised Susana: “I will finish the trip from Alaska to Ushuaia in honor of your dad”.

So here we go!!! With a different mode of transportation, in other circumstances but with the same spirit, a 100 years from his birth, Venancio’s dream, hand in hand with mine, starts to become reality.

Venancio y su Fiat 1500