*** THE GEAR ***

Maira 2007 Maira 2011
MAIRA 2007 MAIRA 2011

Frame Villiger Cabonga DX (2000)
Group Shimano Deore XT Shimano Deore XT – Sachs with27 speeds. Chain Sachs for 9 chainrings
Brakes Shimano XT V-Brake and Koolstop Medium pads
Saddle Brooks Leather Champion Flyer (the best, as the say)
Handlebar Modolo Yuma Traveller
Wheels Mavic Mavic F519 (front) and AtomlabDHL for downhill (rear) with 36 spokes
Fender Generic Plastic
Tires Schwalbe Marathon XR 26x1.9 foldable (the most durable and resistant in the market)
Panniers Ortlieb Front and Rear Classic as, Tubular bags M y L, Handlebar Bagl Ultimate 5 Classic L (simply irreplaceable!!)
Racks Tubus Cargus & Tara Low Rider
Pedals Shimano M323
Bottles Polar and Nalgene 2 Polar thermal bottles (750 mL and 500 mL) and one 1.5 L Nalgene bottle
Computer VDO 1.0 Wired computer with altimeter (fundamental when riding in the Andes)
Extras Generic Pump, mirror, horn, stand, etc…
Approx. weight . Aprox. 18 kg (40 lb) A bit too much perhaps, but as strong as a truck!!!

El equipo!


Tent The North Face Tadpole 23, “Frog” style
Sleeping pad Thermarest Ultra Litte Regular 1.5“ (unthinkable not to have one)
Sleeping Bag EMS  -20 ˚C, Long
Liner Cocoon, Silk Liner (To enhance the sleeping bag temperature rating or to use as a sleeping bag in warm weather)
Paraguayan Hammmoc Tukeke (ideal in the forest and tropical areas)
Camping Chair MEC, adaptable to the Thermarest pad
Tarp REI, de 3m x 4 m (ideal to protect the bike and myself from the rain)  
Stove MSR Wishperlite International. Multi-fuel, with one 1 L bottle.
Water Purifier Katadyn, with ceramic filter (Lifesaver!)
Kitchen Gear Doite, set  with  1,5 L pot, frying pan and kettle!!
Knives Victorinox Swiss tool and Opinel pocketknife
Plates The ones included in the kitchen set. Just cheap plastic…
Mug Aladdyn standard plastic thermal mug
Silverware MEC Stainless steel fork and spoon.
Foldable bowl Ortlieb (ideal for keeping things on one place and not all over the dirt)
Towel  MSR packtowel XL
Personal Hygiene EMS (with enough items to be presentable when in company…)
Flashlight Petzl tikka plus and Mini Maglite
Water Bag Platypus, 1 x 6 L & 2 x 1 L
Mate and 500 ml thermos Required!!! A small Argentinean luxury
Day Pack MEC
Misc. Drying cloth, sponge, biodegradable detergent, etc…and the essential wodden hammer for the tent pegs!

Foldable Solar Panel Sunliq S12 (For rechargeable batteries and MP3 player)
Connecting Cables The needed ones for the chargers and the solar panel (too many)
Battery Chargers AA y AAA and Li Battery for the camera
Rechargeable Batteries AA x 8 y AAA x 6
Pocket binoculars Pentax (8x21)
Tripod Samsonite, (to get he best pictures… but it’s a heavy luxury)
Camera Canon PowerShot SD870 IS
MP3 Creative MuVo V100 MP3 player with portable speakers (totally necessary for a music addict as I am)
GPS Garmin pocket (Last minute present. A nice gadget to know exactly where I am lost!)
Steel Cable Kryptonite…(we don’t want the bike to vanish…)
Bike Tools Alllen wrench, small headset tool, cassette tool, screwdriverss, Teflon lubricant (Finish Line), Teflon grease (Finish Line), etc…
Bike Parts Extra chain (to alternate), brake and shifters cables, pedal locks, extra spokes, a couple of tubes, an extra tire, wire, duct tape, clamps, extra screws, patches and glue, plastic straps, elastic rope, etc…
1st Aid Kit Thanks to Dr.  Francois Prevost and the people from the Geriatric and Gerontologic Association of Mar del Plata  I have a 1st aid kit so complete that I could almost do a heart transplant on myself!! Hopefully I won’t go that far.I have a bit of everything, enough to be self sufficient in isolated areas. There are antibiotics, anti-diarrheics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories , etc Plus some creams and treatment against Malaria. Let’s hope I’m only taking them along…
Books, maps and notebooks Too many!!! Including a “passport” to collect stamps from the places I’ll be passing by. An old tradition from previous trips.
Misc. Sewing kit, rope for hanging my clothes, bug repellent, solar block, Argentinean flag (It’s been with my from  Antarctica to Canada on board of the ship Sedna IV), Mar del Plata flag, lucky charms given to me by several friends and to put on the bike (Tibetan flags, rubber Nemo, Chinese figurine, a pendant with a small frog, a rosary, and old bike license plate, the picture of Santa Anna di Cantalupo in Montreal and even an invisible pendant that weighs nothing and takes no room!!!) and the list continues…   
Cycling Shoes (Forte)
Hikking shoes (Salomon)
Sandals (Olympicus)
Cycling pants, shorts x 2 (Cañete)
Short sleeve and sleeveless cycling T-shirts (Cañete and Sugoi)
Lycra arm and leg extensions (MEC)
Thermal underwear for cycling (Ansilta)
Wind-stopper Cyling Jacket (Sugoi)
T-shirt “dry fit” x 2
Removable pants  rip-stop (Ansilta)
Waterproof pants (MEC)
Shorts x 2
Fleece Thermal Underwear (Ansilta)
Fleece sweatshirt (Ansilta)
Light wind-stopper jacket(Patagonia)
Ultrex Jacket (Ansilta)
Shoe covers (MEC)
Fleece Gloves (Ansilta) and lycra Gloves(MEC)
Cycling Gloves (Specialized Gel)
Underwear (boxer) x 1
Socks x 3 pairs (MEC & Ansilta)
Fleece hats and neck-cover (several)
Argentinean Soccer Team T-shirt, a great gift!!!
Sunglasses: Ryders model Tangent, with exchangeable lenses

Increíble, no? Increíble, no?
2007 2011