Thanks for helping me to help them...

Thank you for your interest in helping me accomplish the objectives I have set out for this trip. If you would like to make a donation to the Alaska-Ushuaia by Bicycle project, please click the button below, which will take you to a safe and secure donation page through Paypal. After you make the donation, you will have the chance to leave a comment.

Since I decided to extend the trip for another year and also due to some unforeseeable economical issues (it seems that not even on the bike I can escape the world economical crisis), the funds to do this trip are depleting faster than planned.

Day-to-day expenses and costs for all of the equipment I carry have been personally funded by the savings I was able to realize during eight years of efforts and sacrifices while doing my doctoral studies and my work as a teacher and scientist afterwards. My average expenses for day-to-day trip expenses are approximately U$S 10-15/ day depending on the country. This includes costs for food, visas, bicycle parts and maintenance,internet connection time and only when absolutely necessary, hostel/motel costs (mostly due to safety reasons on the areas I'm traveling through). It does not, however, include emergency situations or gear replacement costs, which are often considerable and unpredictable.

At present I have no monetary sponsor, beyond the solidarity and generosity of the people I have been meeting along the way or from friends that unselfishly collaborated with the cause, those I call “Road Buddies”. While on the bike I don't have plenty of opportunities to generate an income due to the fact that the trip absorbs all my energies and I'm fully engaged with the social aspect of it towards the SOS Children's Villages.

Therefore, If you have been moved at all by my experiences, or if you share a similar vision of a better world, and can collaborate even with a grain of salt, please consider donating to this cause so with my pedals I can keep helping others.

Thank you very much for your help!!!