Con mis viejos Alicia y PabloThe true supporters of this trip are my parents Alicia and Pablo, my brother Omar and his family, my friends and so many other people that always back me up and supported me all these years to make this dream a reality.

La despedida con los amigos en MardelLending a ear, throwing me a few bucks, helping me with logistics, accompanying me with training, through a cheering line in the mail or with a few words by phone, everyone, close by or through the distance were pushing me bit by bit on the road climbs that lead to this starting point. To everyone, simply, THANKS!!

But there are also institutions and companies that trust my project, considering it of sport, social and/or cultural interest and gave me their support with presentation letters and contacts. Thanks for the endorsement and the god riddance.


Institutional Support
Economic Sponsorship


* If anybody or any company is interested in supporting the trip with some money, it will be more than welcome!! Please, contact me to receive more information. Thanks!!!

* Please, don’t forget this trip has also a social aspect, which is to spread the word about the work of Aldeas Infantiles SOS With your collaboration you are helping a child without a family to have a better quality of life and the hope for a better future. It’s not a great cost for us, but for them it means everything. Please consider collaborating!!! Thanks!!